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With a growing shortage of programmers, it is vital that the IT industry learns from the history of other professions. Each new revolution (agricultural, industrial etc) demanded more than could be produced manually. Each solved this challenge through automation. Today, the USA IT industry needs to use automation to become more productive if they are to retain IT leadership in the Global technology marketplace.

Programmers understand corporate needs and define automated processes as those that better inform and reduce the highly repetitive tasks of others. Yet there is a resistance to applying the same processes to their own tasks. At least seventy five percent of all new program coding is written to handle the environment, infrastructure & interfaces of a program because it needs these to function. In addition an average eighty percent of a programmer's workload is maintenance related spent modifying, extending, testing and finding & fixing errors in applications written by others.

A typical breakdown of programmer's tasks is:

If applications were written in a readable language and in a consistent form they would be easier to work on. Unfortunately demands for urgent deliveries have resulted in application suites that are neither well documented nor easy to read making them expensive to modify, extend and maintain.

Progeni's 4Sight product has been developed to aid in the discovery and impact analysis related to modifying existing "in production" programs. Because IT changes so rapidly programming tools like 4Sight that support future proofing through the separation of the application into independent components allows the integration of changes in one technology (affecting a single component) to be made, tested and implemented faster with less risk and at lower cost.

The major components in most applications are:

Progeni's 1Spec allows IT professionals to focus on business systems analysis and program development by automating the production of virtually all the code required to assemble the necessary components to meet the specified business function. 1Spec also builds the system so changes in one component technology can be made and introduced with minimal impact on the other modules. 1Spec can be introduced into legacy (COBOL) applications to reduce programmer workloads in their modification extension and integration. Productivity gains in programming support of existing applications average approximately double the output for the same input. Productivity gains in new application development average approximately five times the output for the same input.

For a typical medium size IT site with twenty programmers:

Fourteen Full Time Employees (FTEs) work on the support of existing applications but with 1Spec the work could be achieved with seven. However to reduce the backlog of introducing code changes a total of twelve FTEs continue to support existing applications:

                    Before 1Spec output     = 14 FTEs
                    New output                  = 24 FTEs

Before 1Spec six FTEs work on new applications but afterwards two FTEs from the existing application team above are added:

                     Before 1Spec        = 6 FTEs
                    After 1Spec (5x8)   = 40 FTEs

Therefore output is increased from:

                    20 FTEs without 1Spec to
                    64 FTEs with 1Spec

That is a 320% increase in productivity or for a given task a saving of just under 70%

Progeni delivers productivity gains of this magnitude using our tools to undertake projects and outsourcing services. Progeni services have proven to be globally competitive and consistently reliable because Progeni has never failed to deliver a project on time and in budget.

Economic pressure has caused IT to leverage current systems together with latest technologies to deliver new "composite" applications from disparate information sources. Progeni's Passport2i makes this level of integration simple and cost effective as it achieves the integration without being invasive to existing applications. Passport2i has an almost zero footprint on user's workstations with no run time licenses.

Enterprises seek to migrate from proprietary legacy platforms to newer, open system architectures. To reduce the cost of migrations without losing the original look & feel and the benefits of multi-user single application systems, Progeni developed Enterprise MCS. This product greatly reduces the hardware & software licensing costs of applications in the new environment.

In providing modification, changes, migration and conversion services, Progeni found that thoroughly testing the new systems prior to implementation, is often overlooked or underestimated. Testing is often performed manually, under pressure to complete the project. Progeni, recognizing the importance of testing developed a regression-testing tool called ThreeRs. ThreeRs reduces the manual & error prone testing tasks and improves the level of testing by finding changes to system behavior that were unintended and/or not anticipated.

Progeni's products have all been developed and refined for applicability to real world problems and projects. Progeni delivers the most pragmatic, practical and powerful productivity tools and associated technical services for IT professionals working with most industries, leading platforms and operating systems including:

IBM:                MVS, VSE, X & zSeries, iSeries
Unisys:           NX & IX Clearpath, A&V and 1100/2200 Series
UNIX/LINUX:  HP, IBM, Data General, Unisys
Windows:        95/98/XP, NT/Windows 2K and Windows 2003 Server
PDAs:              Palm OS
Internet:         HTML, ASP, J2EE, .Net and XML

Progeni has the most extensive range of productivity software products for a variety of diverse platforms. Whether you hire us to undertake a project or buy our tools to do it yourself we would be pleased to talk to you about how they will increase your productivity and your bottom line.      

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