• Do you need to integrate information from multiple applications or systems?

  • Do you need to build composite applications from disparate sources?

  • Do you need to share information between suppliers, customers and business partners?

Providing IT customers with access to the information (mostly housed within an organization's existing systems and includes business rules, processes and knowledge) is a key IT challenge. To address the challenge, industry analysts have coined the term 'Services Orientated Architecture' (SOA) as a richer, more robust function than simply the GUI or web-enablement of presentation logic. SOA provides the means to supply multiple sources of current production code or enterprise information to new composite applications.

With Passport2i (PP2i), application development teams can quickly capture the information and workflow from any application operating on any enterprise class platform, including IBM zSeries and iSeries, Unisys, UNIX and Windows servers. Developers use PP2i to efficiently build new web-based, secure composite applications. PP2i works independently of the operating systems, database management systems and programming languages and captures the needed information using a unique and powerful capture agent. The information is converted to XML and made available to those systems and users who need it and are authorized to access the information. From the enterprise's perspective, these services are delivered either by a single application or by co-operation between a number of applications. These applications may be within the traditional enterprise or within the extended enterprise such as suppliers, partners or customers.

The Benefits

  • Leverages current information assets.

  • Low risk/low cost implementation.

  • Zero invasiveness to current applications.

  • Allows new technology integration.

  • Ensures legacy code reliability is retained.

  • Unlimited flexibility in data mixing.

  • Savings on reengineering for e-business.

  • Links information irrespective of platform or language.

Passport2i provides a non-intrusive, pragmatic solution to user/market demands for cross system, information sharing from existing applications. New applications can be developed and deployed in a matter of days without disrupting or impacting the original source code.

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