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Progeni Welcomed into Micro Focus MTC Consortium
The Progeni Corporation has recently joined Micro Focus in the Micro Focus Migration and Transformation Consortium (MTC). MTC is a global coalition of companies who specialize in unlocking the value within legacy systems through Migration and Transformation.

Progeni has been providing IT services to enterprise class clients for two decades, a part of which has been based on Micro Focus PC workstation tools and graphics. They have been working with commercial firms and government agencies providing successful source code conversions, platform migrations and legacy code and data transformations. Progeni's automated expertise in these areas attracted Micro Focus as a business partner. Also, Progeni's services are not limited to one particular industry but are equally effective across the spectrum. Their reputation confirms that they have always completed all sizes and types of projects on time and within the original budget.

Dun & Bradstreet Rating
The Progeni Corporation has had an independent evaluation of their past performance in the areas of:

  • Timeliness
  • Problem resolution
  • Quality of products and services
  • Total cost
  • Technical support
  • Personnel attitude
  • Quantity
  • Overall rating

This evaluation was conducted by Dun & Bradstreet as a part of Progeni being awarded a Federal Supply Schedule contract from the General Services Administration (GSA) for their products, services and training offerings. The evaluation resulted in Progeni being highly rated in eight out of eight evaluation characteristics. "It is always interesting to be evaluated by independent organizations and gratifying to receive such a high rating from a prestigious firm like Dun & Bradstreet," said Progeni President & CEO Norman Praed.

Progeni Extends Interoperability With IBM's WebSphere Product Line
The Progeni Corporation has enhanced the functionality of their application development, application integration products as well as their product and services by incorporating WebSphere products and related skill sets. Progeni engineers and software developers have been trained and certified as IBM WebSphere specialists. With this critical mass of skills and knowledge Progeni can deliver leading edge products and deliverables associated with legacy extensions and renewal projects.

In addition Progeni's application and integration products will complement IBM's WebSphere products.

The combination of the strengths of Progeni and IBM WebSphere reinforces Progeni's position as a leading provider of IT solutions for those professionals focused on maintenance, enhancement, and/or transformation and automated migration of legacy applications and the integration of new technologies. As a result, IT professionals will now be able to focus their talents and experience on the development of fresh and composite applications to meet the challenge of improving enterprise performance in a very competitive marketplace.

"The coupling of our products and services, with the WebSphere suite of products will allow us to better serve those entities striving to leverage IT assets. We are excited about the new potential that has resulted from this collaboration", said Norman Praed, Progeni President and CEO.

Progeni Continues to Trade Under GSA, FSS Contract
The Progeni Corporation was awarded a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA.) This GSA schedule contract allows Progeni to sell its advanced application development, testing, and maintenance software tools, project management, IT consulting and training services to any government agency. Numerous state and local government agencies had already implemented Progeni's solutions and services in addition to its commercial client base.

"This award reinforced Progeni's position as a leading provider of IT productivity solutions to those professionals focused on the maintenance, enhancement and/or transformation and migration of legacy applications. As a result, IT staff will now be able to focus their talents and experience on the development of newer applications to meet today's emerging new requirements. This is particularly meaningful during this time of shortage of experienced programming skills in these legacy languages", said Norman Praed, President and CEO of Progeni.

Progeni sells to Government through a direct sales force and selected, strategic business partners.

Progeni and Sun Microsystems Become iForce Partners
Sun's iForce initiative brings together Sun and its industry partners worldwide to deliver proven solutions that addresses customers' business objectives. Progeni and Sun help reduce risk and speed time to implementation, of solutions that help lower total cost of ownership and increase productivity of assets.

As part of iForce end-to-end solutions Progeni brings to the customers invaluable, field-proven migration, conversion, legacy modernization, Web and enhancement services. Progeni has the ability to migrate/convert platform-to-platform, language-to-language and/or database-to-database. All Progeni's services are fully automated further providing maximum cost effectiveness. This was attractive to Sun in the competitive IT marketplace.

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