Today's business client demands that Internet technologies be a natural part of all new development processes while leveraging the IT investments already in place. Progeni's e-business is available for strategizing and implementing how best to bring your legacy code to the Internet, Intranet, Extranet or the integration of back office applications.

Progeni's e-business services are customized for each individual client who is seeking to review their existing data processing systems and evaluate possible web portals and e-business systems.

Progeni's solutions are designed to provide the flexibility and power to create world-class Internet applications. Progeni can help you to integrate legacy and Internet systems quickly, easily and naturally. We have the perfect solutions for all stages of an Internet project. If you plan to add application interface calls to your legacy system - we can help you identify the routines and their entry and exit points. If you plan to encapsulate code, we can help identify the code and all components required by the code. If you plan to access databases directly, we can identify those data elements you need and let you find all other systems that touch the data.

One of Progeni's specialties is legacy renewal services including migrating legacy mainframe applications to newer, less expensive hardware platforms, while simultaneously adding GUI or web interfaces.

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