Project Management

From Progeni's inception, a large part of our business has been to design and build customized systems. Progeni can provide top of the line project managers to lead your team when undertaking any size in-house projects. Experienced in all aspects of project management they use Progeni's management methodology. Whether its rapid application development or converting legacy applications to the power and flexibility of open information environments and e-business platforms, Progeni has top of the line Project Managers to lead the way.

Our project solutions are complete. We perform to a fixed price, within a fixed schedule. Progeni can use our software tools for automated code generation, prototyping, and assurance testing. These advanced tools enable us to provide fast, superior, cost-effective results with consistent quality. Our years in project work has spawned a robust collection of methods, procedures and practices ensuring that Progeni delivers systems to specifications, on time and within budget.

In addition to the application of quality program management and generally recognized best practices, Progeni emphasizes the following.

  • Overall responsibility for a Project rests at director level within Progeni. Project Manager(s) cover multiple task assignments, provide contact with client management and carry responsibility for resource issues, problem resolution and quality assurance. A Task Manager assigned to each contracted task is responsible for its technical execution.
  • A close partnership of Progeni and client is strongly advised. Teaming arrangements make certain that the users' needs are fully met and ensures smooth installation and live running of the new system .The potential problem of role ambiguity is overcome by clear position descriptions and task related goal setting. 
  • Mechanisms to monitor, review, and report are rigorously applied so all parties understand the status of the project at all times. PC based tools are employed as appropriate to the scale of the task and client specific tools based reporting requirements are accommodated. To eliminate misunderstanding, all communications (status, change request, contractual issues etc.) are either originated or confirmed in writing, email etc.
  • Emphasis is placed on system design documentation, reviewed and accepted by the customer, along with prototyping as appropriate. This ensures that the system produced is integrated; to a common standard and that there is a firm mutual understanding of the deliverable.
  • Involving client's business and data domain expertise available locally enhances effective and efficient quality assurance. Progeni's testing tools provide for the capture of inputs for a sequence of transactions and the accurate replaying of them as a repeatable test scenario. Results from successive tests are compared automatically. However, appropriately knowledgeable people are required to select representative test scenarios and certify end user satisfaction.

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