With billions of lines of critical legacy code in use today, companies continue to look for savings in typical IT development, maintenance and project times and the ability to focus on enterprise, business needs. Today with the tighter economy, businesses are seeking outsourcing solutions to ensure every investment has a satisfactory return on investment and contributes to corporate growth and profitability.

The only sustainable IT solution that can deliver viable results in a short timeframe is to automate the repetitive, time-consuming tasks and to outsource definable tasks to a highly automated software factory. This factory must specialize in servicing projects that involve irregular processes (like platform migrations, system wide data record size expansions, perfective and/or adaptive maintenance tasks) that would otherwise disrupt regular business operations.

Progeni's outsourcing services are based on the use of an extensive resource of IT specialists located in the US, who have local knowledge of the business economy, understand the expectations of American organizations and have good communication skills. Progeni then combines these benefits with the speed and cost effectiveness of a fully automated software processing factory.

Progeni's outsourcing services are invariably performed at a fixed price, fixed delivery basis. Our outsourcing is automated and performed onshore with rates competitive to offshore but without the associated risks. Although by definition outsourcing can involve any IT process, the services we are most asked for are:

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