IT Consulting

Developing specialized, customized, customer solutions is the core of Progeni's consulting services. Our highly experienced consultants are engaged by clients considering in-house projects of any size to research, analyze, assess, define, guide, and recommend the solution that most makes sense financially and business wise. We are there to guide you through the complex and confusing world of information technology. Progeni helps clients evaluate optional strategies, and understand their inherent strengths and weaknesses.

In a marketplace inundated with failed projects costing millions of dollars, our consultants will save you money by eliminating the guesswork.

Because all of our own technologies that we use to perform services are platform, language, operating systems independent we are able to offer high caliber, unbiased conclusions. Drawing from our twenty years of hands on experience with various hardware, software, languages, databases, network and operating systems we are in the position to advise you which combination will best suit your needs.

Progeni consulting covers such areas as:

  • Review site practices, technologies and report
  • Long-range strategic planning
  • Project definition and report generation
  • RFP preparation and evaluation of response
  • Application software design, development, and implementation
  • Change management strategies and implementation
  • Software, hardware, operating system, database selection recommendations

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