4Sight For Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

With the emergence of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations IT departments need to prove that they are compliant. To help corporations meet their SOX compliance requirements and to expedite future required modifications, Progeni offers an automated solution named 4Sight.

4Sight automates the tedious manual task of application suite discovery, documenting, and tracking of current IT applications to ensure an accurate, comprehensive overall view of a corporation's applications - information that most IT departments have never been able to visualize and document before. An additional benefit is the invaluable contribution to the overall leveraging of your existing software assets. This includes assessing the impact of implementing changes, eliminating dead code, and identifying application bottlenecks and dependencies. As these ongoing tasks cannot be undertaken manually in a reasonable amount of time they need to be derived from automated processes particularly when the goal isn't just compliance but sustainable compliance.

Benefits of using 4Sight include:

Application, intra application and data source visualization
Access comprehensive, graphical representations of your enterprise applications as a solid foundation for implementing any compliance project. 4Sight identifies and displays in unique detail the location, dependencies and relationships of data sources and data flows through and between current "in production" applications, related job control files, databases and other data sources. This is particularly valuable in reporting the flow of data from core systems through to the data used in corporate financial reporting.

Ongoing automated compliance monitoring
SOX compliance is an ongoing process that is with us to stay therefore it requires automated monitoring of the changes made in IT applications, database and data sources modification. When changes are implemented 4Sight highlights them so they can be evaluated to ensure compliance. Also, a dated record of all changes made to the current production suite of applications is provided.

Drill down to any level of detail
Using 4Sight's graphical visualization, the whole system and data flow can be displayed at a high level. When more information is required you can drill down through the query facility, to even the single occurrence of a data field called in an application, while maintaining an understanding of its relationship to the rest of the system.

Armed with this complete synopsis of your suite of applications, changes can be made and documented for compliance reporting.

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