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A reduction in the time required to examine applications is achieved by methodically separating the code into parts, studying their interrelations and dependencies between applications, job control files and data sources.

This improved visibility and inventory control of your application software facilitates:

  • Reuse and standardization.
  • Component dependency tracking.
  • Faster results with less manual effort.
  • Change impact analysis.
  • Real time source code documentation.
  • Rapid low risk integration with other applications.
  • Cost effective modernization and maintenance through program understanding.
  • Code change analysis, tracking, documenting and auditing for SOX.
  • Identification of critical and redundant sources.


Without 4Sight

Identification of the current source documents for the support of current software production versions is often incomplete. System documentation often cannot be relied on to be the latest version.

These problems are exacerbated by programmer turnover and the resultant loss of original design details which make the adding and training of new staff difficult and costly. Often maintenance staff may not fully understand the system so they make patches to the code. This usually results in a bird's nest of inefficient and opaque code that can not be repaired or replaced for fear of damaging the system.

With 4Sight

Workbench View 4Sight uses a collection of XML files to represent all components of a system by tagging objects named in the source file along with their properties and relationships.

They are always guaranteed to reflect the current state of the system. The files are time stamped and can be readily compared with, or recreated from its source document.
Timestamp View The repository automatically adapts to the contents of the files in the collection, so no special expertise is needed to maintain the repository. XML format allows direct expression of the more object-oriented and natural form of information structuring and rapid generation of graphical representations of large volumes of complex information.
Dataflow View
Starburst View
A 4Sight repository gathers its files from local and central locations when it is opened and consists of a list of files with their type and timestamps. Each user's view of the system can be tailored, focused and controlled without additional overhead. When the source document for any component is updated, the source timestamp changes accordingly. Each user's chosen collection can also reflect their own private updates to test versions as well as the current production set and visualized. The result of any query or other data entered into 4Sight can be exported as XML for later reuse.

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