1Spec Maintenance

The management and maintenance of application software is one of ITs most pressing challenges. Using 1Spec for maintenance frees up approximately half of maintenance programmers so they can be reassigned to development. Such a redeployment of IT resources speeds delivery, reduces project backlogs and improves user satisfaction. Over time applications evolve into future proofed, open architecture applications. 1Spec is applicable for all existing systems even programs written by others can be processed to reflect site standards. This improves readability and consistency resulting in cheaper, faster delivery with less testing. Maintenance with productivity in mind delivers via:

Techniques such as the use of copy libraries offer little flexibility because they only contain a fixed, single task set of instructions that must be inserted into one specific place within a program. 1Spec's high-level language commands represent a more effective reusable code facility since they can capture, store and customize everything from a simple formula to a complete, highly complex model program. A command can be a single line of code in a program or a whole specification that can be expanded into tens, hundreds or thousands of lines of code as needed by 1Spec's command processor. The processor assembles the commands as a first step in building a complete, working program.

Extensibility is only possible if the vendor enables users to add to the existing syntax of a programming language. A continuing frustration with other languages is their frozen syntax i.e. "what you see is what you get." 1Spec users do not have such restrictions or limitations. Thus with 1Spec IT managers can rapidly meet changing needs and demands with minimal effort. 1Spec insulates the application from change because even though the inner logic of a module may change the various input, output and customizing parameters remain the same.

1Spec is an intelligent generator coupled with a parameter driven interface and an intelligent set of commands that produce the correct, and compliable source code for the target hardware and software environment. This intelligence is demonstrated by 1Spec's capability of using a single source (or specification file) to generate compliable source code for a range of disparate target hardware and software environments.

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