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1Spec is an advanced Windows application development product. It excels in the development of portable applications allowing users to write only one specification, one time, for many different platforms ranging from mainframes, midrange systems, to PCs and PDAs. 1Spec is a developer's environment for the natural extension and abbreviation of the COBOL language plus program components in Visual Basic, .Net, HTML, ASP, Java (and more) to leverage a relevant technology. 1Spec increases programming productivity by generating programs for multiple platforms from a single specification.

The Benefits  
  • Up to 90% savings off the typical development time as compared to manual coding.

  • Maintenance on generated code is 50% less than comparable native COBOL.

  • Instant and total applicability. You can mix new tasks in 1Spec in any combination with current production code.

  • Reusable code reduces application redundancy.

  • Focus on your enterprises business needs rather than lower level issues.

  • Allows present and future integration of existing systems with best-of-breed software.

  • Already field-proven by users in all industries.

  • COBOL that is portable across any target machine or multiple target machines.

  • Market your solutions to new customers, prospects and business partners without hiring IT specialists for each platform type.

  • Reduce the effort and cost to enhance and extend existing systems from a single programmer workstation.

  • Use one or more of Oracle, DMSII, DB2, Informix, Sybase and SQL databases.

  • Implement the appropriate hardware platform for the business requirements or replace outdated or redundant hardware.

  • Generate programs enterprise wide without learning all the nuances applicable to the various platforms or networked systems.

1Spec is a valuable productivity-enhancing product that quickly pays for itself. Gain freedom from minute technical details, independence from aggressive vendors, agility to meet changing requirements and/or technologies. Deliver cost competitive, and robust, consistent results with far less effort by using 1Spec. Find out the ROI you can expect from an investment in 1Spec?

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