Progeni's software products increase the productivity of IT professionals. IT departments run more cost effectively when freed from repetitive, time consuming tasks like software maintenance. This allows them to transition from making IT decisions based only on IT impact - to decisions driven by a corporation's business goals. Progeni's software products provide consistent standards of service and reduce existing backlogs, both of which improve corporate competitiveness and bottom line results. IT departments who adopt our highly productive software support tools more than double their output with no extra effort. 

Software Products
Progeni's market focused products are designed with productivity and efficiency in mind. One of our software tools generates code in a number of languages - for a number of target platforms - all from a single specification. Now that's efficiency. Progeni's products include the design and implementation of current production code renewal, application integration and migration to SOA architectures with new technologies, Web development for e-business and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Progeni's products are proven and trusted by our users and utilized in our own Automated Software Factory to deliver complete solution services. This ensures continuing product evolution, enhancements and improvements that benefit all end users.

Backed by two decades of focused Research and Development, all of Progeni's software products deliver exceptional, measurable Return On Investment. This ROI comes from products that deliver tangible ongoing benefits with a focus on the needs of the end user and the impact on the whole enterprise. All of Progeni's products are proven in the field and have undergone rigorous testing before being released from our Research and Development laboratories. Our Product Managers continue to boost our products superior intelligence and increase the long term benefits.

When you buy a product from Progeni training is always included, the first year's maintenance is free and we never charge for runtime licenses.

Industrial organizations took a quantum leap when they moved from manual to automated assembly of products. There is no reason why the software industry cannot emulate this success by moving toward "automated coding" in the form of intelligent generators.

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